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  • CreditCruncher offers a 30-day free trial to allow you to try out all of our features. As part of the sign up we ask you to enter your credit card details and chose a price plan that best suits your company. Your credit card will not be charged. We will check in with you during your trial to see how you’re getting on and answer any questions you might have.

  • CreditCruncher is a pay as you go service. Charges are applied on the first day of each month for that month’s subscription. When you first sign up to CreditCruncher you will be asked to select a price group that best matches your number of active customer accounts.

  • You could potentially have hundreds or even thousands of customer account records on your accounting system. But not all these accounts might be current, quite a lot could be old accounts that haven’t been deleted or made dormant. So for the purpose of billing rather than look at your total customer count, we look at the total number of customers that have an open invoice against their account. These customers are what we consider to be active customers.

  • When you first sign up to CreditCruncher you are asked to select the price plan that best matches your number of active customers. We know that this is a number is never static and can change throughout the year. We monitor the number of active customer accounts you have and if this number changes over a period of three months we will adjust your plan accordingly. However, we will get in touch to discuss this with you before we adjust your price plan.

  • CreditCruncher is a pay as you go service, so there is no long term commitment or contract. You can cancel your account at any time. If you cancel during a month you will be billed for that month and your service will continue until the end of that month.

  • CreditCruncher is a pay as you go service so you can easily change plans at any time. Your new plan will start from the beginning of the next month.

  • By default, we update your information in CreditCruncher a number of different times.

    Firstly, we refresh your data every night. This ensures that any reconciliations you do in your accounting applications during the day is reflected before the system sends out any automatic reminder notifications, in other words the system will not send out any reminders for invoices that you have marked as paid.
    Secondly we update your data every time you log into the system. This is to ensure that you are working with the most up to date information. This is particularly important when discussing outstanding payments with customers.

    And finally you can initiate an update at any time you like, by selecting the refresh data button on the top right corner when logged in.

  • If your trial period expires or you decide to cancel your subscription, we will retain all of your data for 60 days from the date of cancellation. We retain your data just in case you want to reactivate your subscription. If, however, you decide not to reactivate your subscription within the 60 days, your data and information will be deleted.
    If you cancel your subscription and do not want us to hold onto your data for the 60 days, simply let us know at we will delete it immediately.